Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homemade Skin Care for Brighter and Tighter Skin

Homemade Skin Care From Your Kitchen Cabinets

Oatmeal Face Mask with Onion Puree: For Acne-Free Skin
Lemon and Yogurt Whitening Face Mask: To Fade Acne
Yogurt Face Scrub: For Exfoliation
Clay and Eggs Mask: For a Deep-Cleansing Face Lift
Apple Cider and Aspirin Toner: For Brighter Skin
Try these Skin care regime for flawless skin.

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  1. Nice tip. I kinda have this thing for natural products. Thanks for sharing. And for my daily care, I use Ecobeauty products from Oriflame and so far it's working great in my face. Can you pls do a review?


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