Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things To Do To Overcome Binge Eating

Avoid Binge Eating for Healthy Life

What Is Binge Eating?

Binging is something which we do when we are not hungry but eat because we are presented food in front of us or around us. Binging is the root cause of unhealthy lifestyle. Binge eating consists of episodes of uncontrollable overeating.

Most people who have eating binges try to hide this behaviour from others, and often feel ashamed or depressed about their overeating. Eating binges can be followed by so-called compensatory behaviour, acts by which the person tries to compensate for the effects of overeating. Binge eating is often a symptom of an eating disorder

Things To Do To Overcome Binge Eating

Binge eating starts with emotional eating and leads up to lifestyle where even if you feel tiny bit of discomfort you end up reaching for food, which you think makes you feel good instead it makes you lethargic, lazy and obese with loads of health problems physically and mentally.

First thing to overcome emotional eating is to dig within yourself for the reasons which make you uncomfortable and try to solve the issues with an "I Can" Attitude and motivate yourself to overcome it. It make not be easy but it will be worth the effort to make your life easy and make you a confidant person.

1. Have a glass of water to check if you are really hungry or thirsty, as most of the time we mistake thirst for hunger.

2. Check yourself whether you are really hungry or just the food in front of you is delicious and you are grabbing it to taste it rather than too fuel your body.

3. Remember food is fuel to our body overdose of it just harms the body.

4. Keep yourself occupied with interesting things which you enjoy to overcome boredom and loneliness.

5. Take up your hobby as not only will you enjoy it but you can also brag about it later on. As idle mind is a devils workshop.

6. Take a hike.

7. Don't spend your spare time in front of the idiot box where major binging occurs unconsciously as it takes time for your mind to register that you are full.

8. Instead spend time with your family and friends.

9. Have regular meals with balanced diet which in turn energizes you from inside out. And remember the golden rule of breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and supper as Pauper.

10. Take some alone time and reflect the causes of emotional eating.

11. Write down what you eat in a journal and Don't cheat. This will point where you are going wrong and you will able to easily rectify it.

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