Friday, March 20, 2009

The Best exercise for weight loss

Those who are overweight have often wondered what is that one thing which would help them lose weight the healthy way. We know about the right diet and exercise and still we crave to find out we could have something extra to reduce the weight. Voila!! Here it is.

The best Exercise to reduce weight is
JOGGING : That’s right, the best thing to lose weight is to jog at 5 km to 10 km per day. With this exercise you don’t have to spot reduce any more, you will reduce all over the body. Burn the fat i.e weight not the muscles with jogging.

Is it possible to jog for an overweight person?
May be not, You could start with walking and gradually increase it to a sprint and when you increase the capacity of your workouts you will definitely start to see the results quickly, and before you know it you will be comfortable jogging with in no time.

Can Walk Jog the whole 10 km In the beginning
Initially it is hard to walk 10 km let alone run then the best thing you can do is to walk for 3 minutes and jog for 1 minute. This way you will probably maintain a regular heart rate for that extra boost in metabolism.

Correct Posture to reduce Belly
 Keep your posture correct while walking and jogging as correct posture helps to build strong core muscles, thus reducing your belly effectively, i.e keep your stomach tight don’t let it loose.

Invest in a pedometer
It comes quite handy to keep a history of how much you are putting in efforts and keeps you going until you reach your session or at least 10,000 steps a day which is the required amount of steps which you should be stepping in a day.

Warm Up and Cool down is essential
Before starting any form of exercise it is better that you do proper warm up and cool down to avoid injuries. Warm up will prepare your body for the exercise by pumping blood to the regions and increase you heart rate gradually. Cool down is to stretch the muscles that you have worked upon and bringing the body temperature to normal.

Be Patient in your weight loss journey
It will take time to reach to your ideal weight just DON’T Give up on yourself. You may fall of the wagon a few time but pick up yourself and ride on it again until to reach your destination and most importantly believe in yourself.


  1. During weight loss once u stop exercise you regain the weight very rapidly. I need permanent solution.

  2. I agree that jogging is an excellent and healthy exercise, but don't rule out swimming, aerobics, etc... There are many numerous, healthy exercises that all can help you to lose weight and live longer, healthier lives.

  3. Wow nice post! This suggestions are great for those persons who are serious enough to loose weight. Not to the extent that a person will avoid delicious foods. suggestions are great. Thanks for your informative post.

  4. true many of these tips speak my heart...I have experienced a lot of benefit from jogging and being patient with this program helps us keep the cool and watch ourselves lose weight,worrying acts on the reverse.beautifully written article here...

  5. Hey,

    Nice post..simple and doable. I think what you said about jogging is absolutely right. Thats the best way to do it and involves no side effects too.

    I think swimming would be another good way to excercise. They say it's an excercise for the entire body. Is it?


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