Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reduce Wrinkles and keep them at bay with easy to follow Tips

Skin wrinkles typically appear as a result of aging processes such as temporarily, the result of prolonged (more than a few minutes) immersion in water. Wrinkling in skin is caused by habitual facial expressions, aging, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, and various other factors.

Avoid Frowning : Avoid frowning and smile instead. Be happy and you will have a stress free life and beautiful skin.

Avoid Harsh Sun Exposure : Avoid the harsh sun exposure from 11 am to 4 pm when the sun is at its peak. Sun is one of the biggest ageing factors today. Carry hats and umbrellas if have to venture out.

Avoid Smoking : Quit smoking. Smoking has innumerable health diseases attached with it and one of them is wrinkles around your mouth and purple lips. 

Cash on Water : Drink water to keep your skin hydrated and to flush toxins. When the skin is hydrated it reduces wrinkles up to great extent.

Apply Sunscreen and Moisturizer : Apply Sunscreen and Moisturizer everyday. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen even when your at home. 

Eat Colorful Fruits and Vegetables : Have fruits and vegetables of different colors for maximum benefit, this way you get essential antioxidants. Have fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned as they have extra sugar and preservatives. 

Home remedy for wrinkles

Take Cabbage juice and mix it with honey. Apply this to your face and neck for 10 minutes and wash it warm water. Do this regularly to reduce wrinkles.

While taking facial steam add cabbage juice in the water and then take steam, this will clean your pores and skin better.

Apply Egg White to your face and neck for 10 minutes and wash with cold water. This tightens the skin and avoids wrinkles.

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  1. I love the advice about no frowning. Another reason to smile!


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