Sunday, November 16, 2008

Healthy Breakfast is essential energizer for your day.


Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Breakfast, the name is such because it is Fasting from food between the supper meal of one day, and the morning meal of the next. A well balanced breakfast is very essential for the smooth flow of your day. Breakfast helps you to avoid being lethargic.

Calories in Breakfast
The amount of calories in the breakfast should be around 300 calories. Breakfast usually varies around the globe. Breakfast also varies upon your lifestyle. If you’re desk bound or if you have an athletic work where lot of moving is required then the calories required also varies. Age also plays an important factor with the calories one consumes.

Nuts / Dry fruits
Dried Figs, Almonds , Walnuts , Raisins and Pistachios have healthy fats and fiber. These are full of nutrition’s, vitamins and minerals. Quick Tip- A soon as you wake up have 2 glasses of water. Then have nuts and dry fruits. Consuming Nuts and dry fruits on empty stomach is more nutritious.

Hot Beverage
Be it milk , coffee or tea our day never starts without any of these things. They immediately wake you up from your slumber. Just remember don’t sweeten it too much.

Eggs /Oats/Idly/Poha
This could be your main course in the breakfast which will energize you for the day and you won’t feel lethargic in the morning. It is important that you have good amount of protein, some carbohydrates and healthy fats in your breakfast.

Fruits like Papaya, Apple, Bananas and Oranges and various Berries are great to kick start the day with. Instead of Juice it is always preferred to have them as whole. Consuming fruits as whole is good for the health as it has more fiber in them, when you have it in the juice form the fiber in them gets eliminated and you miss the important fiber.

Healthy Breakfast
Healthy breakfast helps to energize us throughout the day. It also helps in long term weight loss as we have less cravings if we have a healthy breakfast.


  1. Couldn't go a day without breakfast myself!

  2. I often miss out on breakfast and feel groggy for a while in the morning it's probably because I don't have any thing to fuel me.

    Good idea about eating whole fruits instead of the juices.

    - Evan

  3. Skipping breakfast is very common for people rushing to work. They could take few fruits with them and have it on their way. Or else skipping breakfast would lead to obesity and other health related problems.


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