Friday, October 3, 2008

Kick Start your day with Walking

Walking is a simple basic exercise which you can do everyday to improve the quality of your life. Walking helps to tone your body and prevents knee injuries. Did you know that walking in itself can get rid of that paunch? Yes that’s right all you have to keep in mind is to hold your stomach muscles tight while walking and your abs will start showing within a few months.

Warm up and Stretching : Before staring to walk it is very important to warm up and stretch properly to prevent any muscle injuries. Even ten minutes of warm up goes a long way to prevent injuries and sprains. 

Increasing Pace : Gradually increase Pace so that you avoid being breathless. This way you can walk longer with no intervals in between and will be able to maintain the heart rate.

30 minutes walk : 15 minutes to warm up and the rest 15 minutes the fat starts to melt. This is the minimum amount of time that you should spend. Overall it is said that 10,000 steps should be stepped in a day. This is a good way to kick start the day.

Sip don’t gulp water down : Water sipping is a good way to keep your throat and system hydrated as you start sweating. But avoid gulping down water as it may result in upsetting the system.

Comfortable shoes : Comfortable shoes are very essential to avoid knee injury and toe bites. Buy shoes in the afternoon as your feet swells a bit in the afternoon. Replace your shoes every 3 months.

Helps heart : Walking prevents heart diseases. It also helps to control blood sugar levels specially a diabetic patient should walk every day this helps to maintain the sugar level.

Maintains weight : Walking has loads of benefits and one of the important reasons is to maintain weight and keep fit and active for the rest of our lives. Walking also extends our life span and also the quality of the life is improved due to walking. 

Strengthens Bones : You thought Calcium alone strengthens bones well think again, Calcium is an important nutrient to strengthen bone but walking is also very important to maintain bone mass. Walking makes the bone stronger. 

Make it family affair: Make walking a family affair and have a healthy and happy family. It will increase your bond with the family and also make a healthy fit and active family. Walking alone may make you lazy and you may find excuses to avoid walking. 


  1. I love walking and i walk every morning to the bus stop. It helps me maintain my weight during my day off exercise.

  2. I walk to uni everyday to save up some money from the bus ride. It's a long walk about 4km to uni and 4km back home. It's amazing that I don't feel tired at all after sometime. But it is really money consuming because I had to change my shoe every month as the sole becomes flat. Just remember to walk on proper pavement instead of tar road


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