Friday, October 24, 2008

Hydrating, tightening and exfoliating body mask

Do you ever have this feeling that even after moisturizing your body you still feel that it is dry and un-even. Here is a great mask which will not only moisturize your body from your face to toe but it will also clean and tighen your skin.

Hydrating, tightening and exfoliating body mask recipe
1 cup of full fat Milk
1 tbsp of Honey 
1 ripe Banana
1 tbsp Yogurt 
1 tbsp Lemon juice 
1 cup of oats
Few drops of your favorite essential oil  

Blend all the things in a blender expect oats. Add oats in the end. First wet your body and apply it all over the body in gentle circular motion. After 10 minutes wash your body with warm water. After this don’t apply soap or shower gel or the whole treatment is of no use. This is best done before bed as it will have a slight smell after which socializing is hard to do. Do it every alternate day and see the results for yourself. 

Goodness of this body mask

Milk : Milk is a great for hydrating the skin.

Honey : Honey evens the skin tone and moisturizes it as well.

Banana : Banana tightens and firms the skin

Lemon juice : Rich in Vitamin C and removes dirt.

Oats : Great for Exfoliation.

Yogurt : Bleaches the hair an will brighten your skin.

Overall this mask also removes natural tan and smoothens the skin. For a healthy glow try this mask. It is inexpensive and will fetch you amazing results as well.

Caution : The only pitfall for this mask is a messy bathroom and slippery floors, so be careful.


  1. can you take a shower the next morning/

  2. Yes, Follow your usual routine.

  3. also what kind of oats?

  4. So many things you can find just in the kitchen!


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