Sunday, October 19, 2008

Foods which fight Bad Breath

The main reason apart from oral hygiene for bad breath is an empty stomach. We should have something every 2-3 hours and drink plenty of water. This by itself will minimize bad odor in the mouth.

Natural food which helps to combat bad breath. Here are some of them which helps to fight bad breath: 

Yogurt : Yogurt has natural bacteria and enzymes which helps to keep the bad odor out of your mouth.

Celery: Chewing celery will help to achieve fresh breath and keep your teeth in good condition.

Carrot : Chewing carrots is not only good for your teeth as it helps to clean the enamel but it is also great for gums.

Beetroot : Beetroot is great to fight bad breath from onions and garlic and naturally after meals couple of slices of beetroot is a good way to fight the foul smell.

Betel Leaves  : Betel leaves without the tobacco are very famous in India after meals as it cleanses the mouth and good breath freshener. Mint:

Cilantro leaves and Stem : Cilantro leaves as well as the stem are great to freshen the breath.Garnish this fantastic herb with all your dishes and include it in your salads.

Mint Leaves : Mint leaves does wonders for bad breath and include it in your gravies and salads and freshen your breath and cleanse your system with mint.

Cardomon : Just take two cardamon and take the outer skin and chew it for few minutes and discard it, this will freshen your mouth.

Fennel Seeds : Fennel seeds are great to freshen the mouth and also it helps with the digestions. In India it is usually served after meals.

Quick Tip : Cloves are great for not only to freshen up your breath but is also a good Ayurvedic remedy for tooth ache. All you have to do is place the clove near the tooth which is aching and you will have some temporary relief with it. But it is strongly recommended that you visit your Dentist if the ache persists.

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  1. Nice sharing regarding the foods which prevent the bad breath and need to take after the Diet which may control it, Thank you so much.


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