Monday, September 29, 2008

Goodness of Figs

The fig fruits is know to have contain laxative substances, flavonoids, sugars, vitamins A and C, and enzymes. Figs tastes delicious packed with goodness of health. Figs aren’t available around the year so you can compensate by having dried figs. Dried figs not only have all the nutritional value of fresh ripe figs, in the dried form it has extra fibre.

Here are some Health Benefits of Figs

Heart Friendly : Figs is great for Heart as they have flavonoids.

Digestion : Figs aids digestion. It is also a great appetizer.

Lowers High Blood Pressure : Figs have a high content of Potassium which fights High Blood Pressure.

High in Calcium : Figs are high in calcium which is good for bones and teeth.

Rich source of Fibre : Dried Figs are high source of Fibre which is good to make us feel full. Its helps to keep our system running smoothly.

Healthy Snack : Great for snacking as it has good fats, fibre, protein, carbohydrates and sugar.

Quick tip : Cut in middle and add some honey. You can enjoy this variation as desserts.

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