Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Avoid Sleepless Night

You sleep between 6-8 hours a day and feel wonderful but lately when you have trouble sleeping those even for 3-4 hour that’s when it becomes a major problem. You become an irritated person and feel tired and angry. You lose zest for life and your skin shows the signs of sleepless night. Here are some of the methods which will help with your beauty sleep

1. Focus

Concentration is a very important quality which come in handy while we sleep, you may ask how this is? Now remember all the counting sheep’s that method is used to focus on one particular thing, that’s where concentration comes, we have to focus on one particular thing this helps with the over active mind and helps with the sleep. Don’t concentrate on the negative things which happened with you that day otherwise you become alert. Our aim is to ease in sleep with happy thoughts or just about nothing.

2. Exercise

Exercise is one thing which not only helps us to stay healthy and fit but it helps to sleep us better too. That is because just 30 minutes of walking in a day will help with your sleep.

3. Empty Stomach

Having too little to eat before bed time will effect your sleeping as your body is hungry. By having Protein during dinner will make you fuller and you will feel full. Have a glass of warm milk before bed as milk is also good source of protein.

4. Maintain a schedule

Maintaining a schedule will help your body to adapt to it and help with the sleep patterns. Main problem arises during weekends when we sleep that extra couple of hours and at night you don’t feel sleepy. During weekdays also wake up at the same time you usually do. This will help with a neat schedule.

5. Apply Mustard Oil 

In Ayurveda Application of Mustard oil to the soles of the feet is said to help sleep us better. Other benefit is you will have soft and smooth feet as mustard oil also helps with the cracked heels.

6.  Room temperature

Room temperature also plays a significant role. If the room is too hot it should be aired out. Or if its too cold start a fire in the fireplace. Having the right temperature helps you to feel comfortable and helps you to sleep better.

Have a deep sleep every night. 


  1. Our body needs 6-8 hours of sleep every day so that we feel wonderful and do our daily works with fresh mind. If our body don't get that much sleep we get irritate easily and can't concentrate on work. It is necessary to have 6-8 hours of sleep.

  2. Nice original article and information on the all important subject of sleep!

  3. Thanks, that is actually what I need right now:)

  4. Yes right when you sleep good you feel good.


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