Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Easy and simple way to cure constipation

We don’t feel that good in morning even if we our about to receive the biggest wish of our life whatever that maybe if we don’t have that “FEEL GOOD FACTOR” first thing in the morning. If you are wondering what that is and guessed it then you will find the following information very useful.

The simple cure for a good BOWEL MOVEMENT (B.M) when we get constipated is to have this drink everyday in the morning or at least every alternate day in the morning after a glass of water.


(Leaves depending upon the quantity if it is for one glass then take about a handful and so on.)

Mint Leaves

Cilantro leaves

Curry Leaves

2 teaspoon of Lemon juice

Salt to taste


Extract the juice from the leaves and add it in glass of water and salt to taste. Let this sit for couple of hours. Add lemon juice and salt to taste. Strain the water if necessary. Enjoy the drink.

This drink can be had any time of the day but is best to have it first thing in the morning. It will help with the bowel movement and clear all the roughage.

Other reason to have this drink is

Full of nutrients : The leaves and lemon juice is loaded with nutrients and vitamins.

Fresh breath : As we get rid of the toxins we have fresh breath as there is less chemical reactions in our stomach with the rotting food.

Reduces pimple eruptions : With the toxins out of our body our skin is healthy with a radiant glow.

Detoxification : Detoxifies our body by getting rid of all the toxic waste.

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