Monday, August 11, 2008

Don’t call it “DIET” and Never announce it to the world.

We all have a diet of our own but when we start eating healthy we tend to call it “THE DIET” which is a big mistake because this way instead of enjoying the healthy delicious food we start to crave the unhealthy and well delicious food.

Don’t call it a “DIET”

It should be our lifestyle choice instead of a temporary thing because if it is a phase then it will come back when you start eating the unhealthy foods. Always remember slow and steady will win the race. Here we have to set goals and try to achieve it and do reward yourself but not with food, instead reward yourself with a trip to somewhere you wanted to go but haven’t gone yet. So the basic idea is to stay clear of food and enjoy life through nature. So it should be called “WAY OF LIFE”.

Don’t announce it to the world around you.

The moment you announce that your are on a DIET they will force you to ‘have just this one slice of pie since you have been so good’ and obviously we fall for it and our body which has been without the fat will store the fat which you have been craving. Here the theory is that you should not follow and eat just because someone says it and should have enough will power to refuse and say that you are full and can’t have it, this way you evade the situation and are still honest to yourself.

Satisfy the odd craving with healthy alternative.

Some times we crave food which are not healthy so much that instead of that just one slice the whole pie has vanished. To avoid this scenario it is ok to satisfy your craving once in a while. Making it healthy is simpler and you won’t have to stay away from anything which you like. Learn which food are healthier and try to prepare it the healthy way and live life healthy.

Follow these Mantras and see the rewards for your efforts.

By following these Mantras you will be able to follow path to healthy lifestyle with ease.

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  1. I appreciate ur blog coz it is related to health and wellbeing .I have gone through each and every post of urs, and i must say that every post is intresting and beneficial. Thankz a lot and do keep posting :)


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