Thursday, August 14, 2008

Avocado mask for healthy radiant skin

You probably heard it loads of times and do you know what, it is absolutely true that ripe avocado when applied to the face is fantastic for the skin it nourishes and also rejuvenates it as Avocado is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and natural oils which helps to smoothen and soften the skin. Avocado masks also gives instant radiant and glowing skin.

Avocado Mask Recipe

1 Avocado ripe 

2 Tablespoon Honey 

1 Tablespoon Plain Yogurt

1 Lemon Juice 

Mix the above ingredients into a fine paste and apply it to face and don’t forget you should apply the mask on your neck too.

Avocado nourishes the skin.
Honey hydrates the skin also helps with blemishes and spots
Yogurt helps to bleach the facial hair mildly and also hydrates and moisturizes the skin.
Lemon Juice has astringent quality and has Vitamin C.

This Avocado Recipe can be stored in refrigerator for a couple of days. This recipe can also be applied to the body and you can flaunt your super smooth skin from head to toe. You can apply it for 25-30 minutes.  
Fresh Avocado Oil Hand and Body Cream 2.2 oz. by L'annine


  1. This sounds so good and easy to try - I think I will actually try it this weekend. I love natural alternatives to healthy and beautiful skin :)

  2. I think i will try this, I need all the help I can get. lol :)

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