Friday, July 25, 2008

Food is medicine, Don’t abuse your body with overdosing of processed food!!

Changing and giving up our unhealthy habits of food for some good healthy food should we our lifestyle rather than a compulsion with a dreaded word “DIET”.

In this scheme of things the important thing is for us to realize that food in it self’s are medicine, and all the bad foods which you consume have a negative effect, it’s just over dozing of unhealthy food. We have to realize that having healthy food will help us to live without any diseases and our body is designed in a fashion that with healthy foods we could easily live up to 100 years. Now the basic rule is to gorge on healthy food and eliminate the unhealthy one. Well you will think that it is easier said than done but if we do take the initiative it will come to us naturally.

In earlier years humans didn’t have the ill effects of processed food and lived a healthy life and they did loads of physical activity which helped them to stay fit. Now, with processed food not only we gain weight but also get diseases piled up with it.

The important thing we forget about food is that it has wonderful medicinal qualities which helps us to stay healthy and fit. Just by having unprocessed food we have so much energy for life that after a few months even if you are tempted with the unhealthy options seeing the negative effect and the drop of energy you will automatically revert back to natural healthy foods.

When we go grocery shopping some of the things which should be kept in mind are:

Plan ahead and make a list of foods which are healthy and buy only those food.

Never go for shopping on empty stomach.

Buy fresh vegetables and fruits this will automatically cut down your salt intake as canned foods use sodium as a preservative.

Lear how to read the labels.

Then read the labels.

Try to buy food with different colors for maximum benefits.

We eat to live and not live to eat!!! Is a famous saying that has depth to it and there is so much in life we want to do that unhealthy food restricts us, with healthy options every thing becomes available. Recognize food as medicine and don’t abuse your body with the processed food. Go for the natural healthy foods and live life king size.

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  1. Very true!!! On a side note, I recently discovered organic Rainbow Kale, which I've been buying bagged at Whole Foods.
    Let me just say, "Wow."
    Anyone who wants to mix up their salad greens a little bit, check this stuff out. The nutritional bio for this green goodness is unlike anything I've ever seen!


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