Monday, July 28, 2008

Curry Leave's Benefits and its uses

Curry Leaves in English or Kadipatta in Hindi also know as Sweet Neem leaf as the form is small and narrow and they somewhat resemble the leaves of the Neem tree. Curry leaves benefits are enormous and they are gaining recognition slowly for it. Curry leaves are used widely all over India in cooking for its aroma and benefits.

Aromatic leaves : Curry leaves are highly aromatic and are used as a herb. Sautéing curry leaves in a hot pan for 30 seconds releases its flavor as well as its aroma.

Aids Digestion : Having curry leaves chopped with Butter Milk helps with digestion and this also quenches the thirst.

Heartburn and Indigestion : If you have heartburn or indigestion make juice of curry leaves with the help of a juice extractor or blender. Mix 1 tsp of curry leaves juice with 1 tsp honey in a glass of lukewarm water for relief.

Relief from Vomiting for pregnant woman : Pregnant woman can mix 1 tsp juice of curry leaves ,1 tsp honey and 1 lemon juice mixed together in water and consume it for much needed relief from vomiting.

Lowers bad LDL cholesterol, but increase good HDL cholesterol : Eating raw curry leaves in the salads will help you to lowers bad LDL cholesterol, but increase good HDL cholesterol.

Antioxidants : Curry leaves also have antioxidants which helps to fight the free radicals.

Good for diabetic patients : Consuming curry leaves on a regular basis will help you to regulate your blood sugar levels. They can have 10 leaves in the morning and 10 leaves in the evening for best results.

Controls Weight : Once you have lost the weight it is very important to keep it down and off. Having curry leaves in your daily diet helps to maintain the weight, though it is not by huge amount it does help in the long run.

Nourishes the Hair : Take coconut oil and add few curry leaves and fenugreek seeds in them and heat the oil. Strain it and after it cools down apply this oil to the hair, with continuous application of this oil you will see that you hair has got stronger and visibly less hair loss. The color of the hair also gets darker and will delay the process of graying your hair.

To fade pimple marks and scars : Take curry leaves juice and mix it with turmeric powder and make a paste of this mixture. Apply it on the pimple marks and scars and leave it for 10 minutes. This paste will stain your skin to a yellow color but there is no cause to worry just wash it off with face wash followed by all purpose flour, this will remove the staining.

Eyes : Curry leaves are beneficial for eyes.


  1. Curry is so tasty too. We had a gentleman from India visiting our church, and he cooked a wonderful curry chicken dinner. It was so good!

  2. I agree its tasty as well and makes a huge difference to a simple dish.

  3. curry leaves are realy very useful especially for hair...

  4. Yeah - I know someone who reduced his cholesterol signidicantly in just three weeks by taking crushed curry leaves on salad....

  5. curley leaf mix with conoconut oil ig good


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