Monday, June 16, 2008

What makes you Binge?

Binging is something which we do when we are not hungry but eat because we are presented food in front of us or around us. Binging is the root cause of unhealthy lifestyle.


Most of us eat food when we are hungry but many and I mean almost 70 % of us, eat just when we are bored, stressed, lonely and to munch something in front of the Idiot box (T.V) or simply angry about something.

Results of Binging

Binging can cause many harmful side effects to our body like weight gain being the first thing and other things like mood swings due to sugar, B.P due to high sodium content, fluctuation of energy and feeling tired and lethargic.

Ways to elude Binging

Find the root cause of binging

Find the time and place you are most likely to binge like in front of the T.V and do some hand work or be creative. This will help you stay away from the binging cycle.

Recognize real hunger

If you are really hungry have some fruits or low cal snack which will help you to feel fuller and you won’t even binge.

Drink Water

Always first drink water because most of us don’t recognize thirst from hunger and end up eating more and felling more ravenous because the thirst hasn't been quenched.

Avoid being greedy

Sometime though you may not be hungry or feel like eating you have something just because it looks delicious and end up cleaning the plate. So quit being greedy and built your willpower to resist tempting food.

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  1. hmm. doing a post tomorrow on emotional eating.
    never thought about the word GREED with regards to it before.




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