Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick remedy for Chapped Lips

Lips which gives us a sexy pout can sometimes be chapped due to the lack of moisture whereby the lips become dry and possibly cracked, and ruin the effects of full lips and hurt a lot.


Chapped lips occur due to evaporation of moisture from the lips and due to excessive licking of the lips.

Home Remedies

Lip Balm

Apply Lip Balm over night and in the morning brush your lips with soft bristles of your tooth brush and viola you have a soft and even lips. The important thing is to do this for a couple of days and then continue with keeping your lips moist with a well hydrated lip balm.


Honey has Antibacterial properties which can help heal and sooth chapped lips.

Cream from the milk (malai)

Cream from the milk (malai) can be applied to the lips for 20 minutes and then brush with tooth brush this is a quick and effective way for an instant soft lips.


Ghee (un-clarified butter) can also be applied for 20 minutes

Almond Oil

Almond Oil can be applied and for 20 minutes.

Enjoy a sexy POUT.


  1. Mentholatum lip balm is the best.

  2. The blog is looking so nice by having the essential remedies to prevent the Dry and Chapped Lips to obtain the best result in a simple manner within a short period of time, Thank you so much.


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