Friday, June 20, 2008

Delicious Spinach Recipe

Spinach is very healthy yet we hesitate to have it because we don’t know a delicious and a healthy way to prepare it. Here is a recipe which is healthy and very easy and simple to prepare. Don the chefs cap and relish it with joy.


1 bunch of spinach

4 garlic cloves

½ tsp of turmeric

½ tsp of mustard seed

Pinch of asofetida

½ tsp of cumin seeds

½ tsp cooking oil

1 dry red chilly cut in half

Salt to taste.


Steam the spinach and garlic in a double boiler for 10 minutes till it is cooked. (Boiling the spinach leaves is not recommended as after 110 degrees the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables gets washed away. Therefore for retaining all the nutrients of the spinach it is best steamed.)

Grind the spinach and garlic it in the mixer grinder to some extent, Do Not make a puree.


Heat the oil in the pan, now add mustard seeds, asofedtida, cumin seeds, dry chilly, turmeric and add the spinach and salt to taste.

Serve Hot and enjoy this delicious recipe with rice, chapatti and brown bread.

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  1. I never ever EVER eat spinach.

    I should.
    in that I HEART Popeye and his muscles ;)



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