Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Banana Stem for weight loss

Banana Stem is very fibrous in texture but tastes like banana. It is eaten raw as well as cooked.
Banana Stem is very healthy and is widely used in southern India as a remedy for weight loss, Kidney stones and an effective diuretic as well as a laxative.

Weight Loss

Banana Stem i.e the tender core of the banana plant's trunk is an effective way to lose weight. It can be had as a juice or as a cooked food. It can be had twice a week. It should also be noted that though it is effective for weight loss, other things should also be taken into consideration like exercise and overall diet for better results.

Kidney Stones

People suffering from Kidney stones can have the juice extract prepared from the tender core of the banana’s trunk as a remedy.


It is diuretic in nature and helps to get rid of the toxins in the body.


It is a mild laxative.

Cools the body

Banana’s Stem helps to cool the body. Therefore consumption twice a week is recommended.


  1. Banana stem sounds good! Any ideas on where to get it?

  2. How about your supermarkets? It is mainly Produced in these Nations India,Brazil,China,Ecuador,Philippines,
    Indonesia,Costa Rica, Mexico,Thailand, Colombia, Burundi. In U.S you can find it in Hawaii and Florida, most of the nations import it.

  3. Please can someone tell me where I can buy banana stem?
    I am in the Chicago area. Thanks!

  4. Banana Stem juice is the one & Only natural stuff to get rid of high Cholesterol. I had high cholesterol and severe problems with it. When taken the Banana stem juice every day 1 glass, within 20 days my cholesterol just flew away and my pulse rate came down to 60/minute. It was really exciting. I did not do any dieting for this & no exercise and no time limits. I used to consume it between 10.30 and 11am or 5 and 6 pm whenever my stomach was empty. I have done this as per my parents advice who was into Nature cure sytem. Banana stem is the gift of God. We get it plenty in Kerala. People should be educated on this seriously. Someone should research and make it available in Medical shops, hence people living in city area can use it, where they may not get fresh ones. We can save lot of lives.

    Good Health to everyone.


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