Sunday, June 1, 2008

3 Vital things to lose weight

How many have you actually wanted to lose weight. If I am not wrong at-least once in your lifetime if not hundreds. And how many times have you succeeded on the first go. Again the answer would be not many times. There are few things to take into consideration like :

Do it for yourself
If you want to lose weight it should come from within. It is very important that you do it for yourself this way it would be a healthy lifestyle rather than just a yo-yo diet. And don’t even think of going in the crash diet zone because you will be harming the body more than you realize in the long run. Emotionally you should be prepared to eat healthy.You should be motivated. Inner acceptance of the issue is very important because if you are not prepared mentally it is very hard to follow in reality.

Knowing Your Food
Believe it or not grocery shopping is very important phase of losing weight. Knowing what is healthy and which food to avoid and how much should be consumed is very important part of this phase. If you can master this phase it will be very hard for you to turn into your old habits. Always reads labels before buying. Buy a book or just ask one of your friends who is an expert in this department or better yet go to a nutritionist who will be able to tell you according to your lifestyle on what amount of calorie intake is needed for you to feel energetic and full on a low calorie diet. Usually it depends on how active or sedentary your lifestyle is.

One of the important things is exercise. You are not habituated with exercise so began slowly then within two weeks you will feel the difference it may not be mammoth but enough for you to realize that that just two weeks of exercise can change your body for good. Then you can see for your self the difference of energy level you have for your daily chores. And don’t forget the sexy quotient you will definitely feel healthy and fit to face the life. The recommended amount of exercise is minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking. Then to tone up the lose ends Yoga or Pilates is great. It also makes your body more flexible.

These 3 are most vital things to begin weight loss regime and if you follow these it will definitely reap benefits to you.

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