Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Care

The best way to protect your skin and most of the exposed part of your skin is by applying sunscreen. It is better to use brands that offer protection from both UVA (age –causing rays) and UVB (burn and tan causing one).Regular application of sunscreen will also delay the onset of wrinkles, fine line and age spots.
We have to apply sunscreen to all the exposed part of the skin at-least every 3-4 hours i.e your face, neck, arms, legs and back. Even when your stepping out of the house for a few minutes or just chilling in the home sunscreen should be applied it basically doesn’t matter if you’re going out or not sunscreen application is very important. Apply SPF 30 because the bigger the number bigger % of protection.

Eye care
Don’t forget your peepers its very important to protect them from sun too. Use a 100 % UV protection sunglasses and have a cool look about u in this scorching heat.

Whenever we step out in the harsh sun, we feel a burning sensation on our lips. Petroleum jelly or lip balms are not enough for summers as your lips bear the brunt of UVA and UVB. For your pucker, use lip balms and lipsticks with an in-built sunscreen. Neutrogena, Lotus, Himalaya, Nivea and Clarins have lip balms with SPF. Chambor and Mac lipsticks also have in-built sun protection. For the beach or mountains, choose lip-protecting lipstick or gloss labeled SPF 30. Another option: Apply a sunscreen-infused lip balm underneath your favorite lip color.

Instant remedy
If you still manage to get sun burnt here’s a quick fix solution: Mix 2 teaspoons curd and 2 teaspoons of honey and apply it on burn. It will heal and soothe the skin. Or, if you have aloe vera plant growing at home, cut a stem from the middle, extract the gel from it and apply it on the burn. I will give immediate relief.

Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated in this summer by drinking water or refreshing juices.

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