Sunday, May 11, 2008

Soup: The Hunger Satiated

Soups are made by boiling ingredients in water or broth until the ingredients become tender and the flavour is extracted. Soups have incredible health benefits. Soups are full of nutrients, are mostly low in calories and are good for those on a diet. Remember to avoid cream and butter to keep it low in calories. Soup is a filling food that can be low in calories. In fact, many people make a meal out of soup and salad. Calorie control is just one benefit to including more soups.

Treating a cold or fever with soup is an ancient and time honored technique. If nothing else, a bowl of soup, lovingly prepared, can make us think we feel better - even if it doesn't really help cure our illness.

There’s a common dieting myth that if you drink a glass of water before you eat you will feel fuller for longer. But guess what it is a MYTH.

When we drink a glass of water with our meal our stomach is able to sieve the water from the solids passing quickly from our intestines into the stomach. However, when we combine the water and food in a soup this sieving is prevented and ensures that the water and the nutrients from the food stay together, homogenized, thus entering the intestine at the same time.
Because of the increased volume of the water and solid combined the food stays in our stomach for longer, activating our satiety signals and delaying emptying, which, according to the scientists, can reduce our hunger by up to a quarter.

So from now on what you can do is have soup i.e take our veggies and meat and grind them all together and reduce our hunger pangs. Thus stop binging.

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