Thursday, May 1, 2008

Small changes Big Benefits

We are always so engrossed in the big things in life that we forget about the small things. Small steps usually reaps huge benefits if done in a proper manner. Small changes in our lifestyle can boost the quality of our life. Some of the changes that we can do to make a healthy life is by taking care of the minute details we usually unknowingly ignore like
Suck in your stomach: Have you been to a gym where your trainer is always telling you to suck in your core muscles aka stomach, its because when our core muscles our tight we tend to burn more calories and shape it better. Its because if we have a belly we unconsciously tend to leave it loosely to the important thing is to suck it in and keep it in all the while, this minute change would definitely help you to have that flat abs in the long run.
Stretch: Stretching is very important for our body, it relieves soreness of our tissues. Stretching makes your body elongated, it makes your body flexible so stretch.
Walking: We always find ways not to walk, but it helps our body to exercise especially walking as it is less pressure to the joints and always keep in mind to wear a good shoe and replace it after every 3-4 months.
Water: Drinking water is very essential to our body. To keep ourselves well hydrated sometimes we tend to take thirst for hunger and instead of drinking water we just grab the nearest carb so always drink first to check if your are thirsty or hungry. We do get water from fruits and veggies and meat too.
Blinking: Sometimes we are so engrossed in our work either it be in front of the PC or generally we forget to blink. Blinking helps to avoid dryness in our eyes. Every morning after we wake up we should wash our eyes it just freshens us and makes us energized for the day to see the world.
These small things would change your life for the better.

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  1. I absolutely agree! I have spent my life "staying in shape"! You have brought up some over looked issues with the blinking and sucking in your stomach. People would be surprised of the benifits they could achieve from just sucking in their stomachs!! I believe that EXERCISE is the first and most important aspect of healthy living!! As you can probably tell, I enjoyed my visit!!! Please stop by my place for a visit!!


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