Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Puffy eyes

Puffiness in the eye is very common and some of you suffer from it, not that it is painful it’s just changing the features of your face, making it three dimensional. But seriously once we have puffy eyes it’s tough to get rid of it unless you opt for surgery which is best left alone.

What is Eye Puffiness
Eye puffiness, a form of edema, is usually caused by fluid buildup. While some degree of puffiness may be normal for a given individual, factors such as age and fatigue may make the swelling more prominent. The periorbital tissues are most noticeably swollen immediately after waking, perhaps due to the gravitational redistribution of fluid in the horizontal position.

Eye puffiness may also be caused by
-Supra-orbital oedema—the eyes become puffy and swollen—may occur in the early stages of infection
Lack of sleep – Sleep deprivation and interrupted sleep cycles are common causes of eye puffiness.
Fluid retention - Many conditions (including pregnancy and hormonal variations with menstruation) can lead to the retention of fluid, particularly in the subcutaneous tissues. These conditions can cause swelling around the eyes to be more prominent.
Diet - Excess salt encourages fluid retention and may lead to puffy eyes.
Alcohol and Tobacco -Alcohol and tobacco contain toxins that may lead to stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes; all of which may lead to fluid retention and swelling around the eyes.
Allergies - Allergic reactions can lead to leaks in the subcutaneous capillary beds which can cause swelling in the face, including around the eyes.
Skin disorders - Eye puffiness can be a side effect of certain skin disorders, such as dermatitis, if the affected area becomes very sensitive, leading to swelling.
Normal Aging - As a person grows older, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and may swell or droop.
Crying - The salt in tears may cause fluid retention in the eye area.

Short Term Remedies
A cold compress near the eye can act as a short-term remedy as cold temperature constricts blood vessels, preventing the flow of fluid into tissues and diminishing puffiness in the process. A natural astringent, such as a sliced cucumber or its juice dabbed in cotton can also provide short-term relief.


  1. What a terrific blog. I've added you to my blogroll.

  2. my eyes are teary after using a computer, or even if i just stare on something, why is that? thanks...

  3. Your eyes are lubricated by two different types of tears produced by the tear glands in your upper and lower eyelids, constant and reflex. Constant tears are produced to lubricate the eye at all times and contain natural antibiotics to fight infections. Reflex tears are produced in response to emotion, irritation, or injury to help rinse the surface of the eye. If the constant tears are inadequate, the eye becomes irritated. Then the reflex tears take over which is why one can have watery, teary eyes as a result of dry eyes.
    And you may be Straining your eyes by sitting in front of PC for too long .A quick fix would be to blink often and roll your eyes from side to side and up and down.


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