Friday, May 23, 2008

Lengthen your eyelashes

An eyelash or simply lash is one of the hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelid. Eyelashes protect the eye from debris and perform some of the same function as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse in the sense that they are sensitive to being touched, thus providing a warning that an object (such as an insect or dust mite) is near the eye (which is then closed reflexively). The twentieth century saw the beginning of convincing-looking false eyelashes, popular in the 1960s.

Color of Eye lash
The color of eyelash differ from that of the hair, although they tend to be dark on someone with dark hair and lighter on someone with light hair.

Long Eyelashes
Long eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity in most if not all cultures. Accordingly, some women seek to enhance their eyelash length artificially to appear more feminine and sexually desirable. Most of us use eyelash extensions.

How to lengthen eyelash
The best and easy way to lengthen the eyelashes without eyelash extension is to apply castor oil with a help of cotton every night before bed. Just immerse the cotton in the castor oil and while closing an eye apply a thin layer on the edge. You will see the result within couple of weeks to a month. You will have a dark, thick and lengthy eyelashes. Castor oil also cools your eyes.

Impressive eyes
Kohl has been worn as far back as the Bronze Age to protect and enhance lashes. Complete eye makeup includes mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow to emphasize the eyes.


  1. thx for the info
    hope the castor oil works quickly
    is there a specific kind of castor oil which is specially for eyelashes and hair? or they are all the same?

  2. Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean, it is easily available in chemist shops.

  3. is castor oil expensive...?
    and does it actually lengthe, or does it make you think they're longer when they actually aren't
    i'll try any way

  4. i heard triming works too but im to scared that il try and they wont grow back so ill try the oil im super excited to c results


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