Saturday, May 31, 2008

Carrot Cucumber chilled soup

We all have heard of carrot sticks for munching and it tends to get boring and tasteless after a while so when I thought of a new way to have carrots I came up with this solution which works in a great way and keeps me full for longer.

Changing Boring into Interesting
Carrot Sticks looks boring so I though of replacing the boring routine into an interesting and tasty recipe and finally came up with carrot cucumber chilled soup. Soup as we know is a very healthy and nutritious way of having lunch, dinner, supper or a snack time replacement.

Carrot Cucumber Chilled Soup
1 Carrots
1 Cucumber
½ Glass of Buttermilk
Salt and pepper for taste
Grind the above ingredients and add the buttermilk afterwards in the mixture. Serve chilled.

Don’t forget to have vegetables. Having vegetables with this soup makes an easy meal specially for dinner as dinner is small.

Go easy on the salt. Having more salt in this soup can minimize its health benefits.

Feels Full
This chilled soup makes you full because of the buttermilk in it. As it takes a long while for the body to separate the water from the nutrients. As a result we feel full for longer.

Good laxative
Having this soup results in a good BM. As carrots have fibre.

Refrains From binging
Not only is this soup low in fat it makes you full thus avoiding binging.

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