Monday, May 19, 2008

5 Things to do before bed

Before your head touches the pillow these five tips will help you to a good night sleep.

Drink Milk
A warm glass of lukewarm milk with no sugar is very good at bedtime as it has protein which helps you to sleep better.

Brush up on the perfect smile
Brushing your teeth two times a day is very important, but how many of you follow this golden rule. I guess not many. It is very essential to follow this golden rule if you don’t want to breed germs in your mouth. The bacteria causes to have a greater risk of clogged arteries. Floss daily to reduce bacteria between teeth and below the gum lines. Stick to the two minute limit as more will not remove additional plaque and use soft nylon bristle brush with gentle force

Soothe the body
After a long day it is very essential to soothe the body with a warm shower to relax the nerves. Just five minutes of shower is enough to ease the body and induce a more deep sleep.

Don’t forget to moisturize the body after shower this time is one of the best time to moisturize your body as your body is not exposed to sun and pollution. It is a good way to slather moisturizer still when your body has dews of water. This will not only help you maintain a youthful skin it will also relax you because as you slather the moisturizer and massage the skin, it increases blood circulation.

Just before bed you can meditate for two or five minutes as per your wish. Mediate as in just close your eyes and breathe… mmmm…think of sea waves or any thing that takes your fancy. This helps to bring you in a calm relaxed mood and even helps you to sleep better.

In yoga there is shavaasana (dead body posture) where u lie down and try to relax individual parts of the body i.e first u start with your feet concentrate on that part and believe it is relaxed and you move upwards and concentrate on your calves and you move upwards till you reach your head and so on you relax your whole body. This does sounds a bit weird but it relaxes you.

Now you are ready for a good night sleep. Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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  1. i never did wat u mentioned,i think i will try it after this


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