Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweet Cravings Fulfilled!!

How often do u avoid eating sugar the whole day and end up having chocolates, ice-cream, cakes, muffin and list goes on and on. But have you ever thought what you are doing to your body and ultimately yourself. Wait I will tell you it goes into your mouth and ends up on your waist, hips, back, just the places you didn’t want it to go and all your efforts in the gym is flat and gone.
We need sugar in our body it is what gives us energy for our body and at the same time excess sugar can make us lethargic. So moderation is the key and the right kind of sugar.
So how do we avoid this sort of disaster and be healthy and carry that killer body. It is plausible and we can do it if we just remember and follow few basic principle.
Principle 1: Always read the labels before buying any food item, sometimes they say fat free and have loads of corn syrup, dextrose and lactose etc. So always read labels.
Principle 2: Plan your dessert since completely evading till the last moment would make you just grab the nearest sugar available. You could have a healthier dessert by having fresh fruits, or if you feel like indulging have something which has less than 2 teaspoon of sugar like custard.
Principle 3: Try cutting your sugar intake in your tea and coffee. The first day cut down up to half a teaspoon, carry on like this for a couple of days then after a few days cut it down by one teaspoon and go on like this till you stop needing sugar in your beverages.
Principle 4: Avoid drinking colas and sodas they are your worst enemy and one just fails to recognize it. Having it everyday just erodes your tooth enamel and don’t even think of drinking it with a straw it is empty sugar with no nutrition.
Principle 5: Now don’t completely give up sugar your body does need sugar just the healthy one we shy away from. Have fruits it has sugar it would satisfy your cravings for sugar. You could even try chocolate dipped strawberry this way you would satisfy your need for something sweet.
Principle 6: Some simple tricks is to drink 8-10 glasses of water and don’t skip meals, have small meals every 3 hours this way you would be full and have energy throughout the day just remember not to stuff yourself at one go so that you are not hungry after 3 hours, just have small healthy snacks so that you have enough energy to go through the day. And lastly keep all the sugar product out of your house.
Principle 7: Don’t rely on sugar substitute it just increases your cravings and these have harmful toxins leading to Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Instead opt for honey, raw sugar and jaggery.
Have a Sweet Life.

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