Saturday, April 26, 2008

Snack up the sensible way!

Most of us think snacking is more calories without nutrition, but we can rectify that by having nutritious snack. There are so many options available to have a healthy snack that sometimes its hard to begin on the healthy snacking path and we are just so overwhelmed by it that in spite of knowing the right root we opt for the easy way out and settle in our comfort zone and end up having colas, soda and that pizza.
It is very important to snack twice a day as a healthy person’s blood sugar dips when the glucose in the blood gets used up. This brings the tired phase of the day and we end up feeling lethargic. It is generally two hours after breakfast and a couple of hours after lunch that you need to pump up your blood sugar, these are the high-activity phase of the day when maximum energy is consumed either at work or while doing chores at home.
Habitually we tend to ignore are need for break with a need to snack. We end up having four to eight cups of coffee, tea or colas. Sipping colas is not only hazardous to health because it is just sugar syrup, it also dissolves your tooth enamel. You must watch out for routine snacking as it may make you put on unnecessary weight. Pacing your snacks with meals is all important. Many of us tend to ignore our morning breakfast and sometimes even skip lunch and end up having a huge dinner. In this way of lifestyle not only you end up feeling dead beat in the end but you may also be adding lot of inches to your hour figure.
How much calorie does a healthy snack consists of?
The ideal amount for a healthy person should be
Carbohydrates : 10 to 12 grams
Protiens:5 to 6 grams
Fats and oil:3 to 5 grams
If you snack around this build you would feel great through out the day and will definitely eat less overall.
Which foods have these sort of build?
Complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads or fibre filled vegetables and combine them with protein rich foods. Always combine these two combination for the full effect ,if you consume just carbs you may end up hungry as quickly as a person who had no snack at all.
Opt for steamed veggies or cut salad, accompanied by a yogurt dip.
Toast small pieces of whole wheat bread. Dip them in olive oil, flavored with balsamic vinegar, some oregano and chilly flakes. These are filling and fun.
A bowl of cut fruits is a great idea. Different fruits for breakfast and snack time should be your mantra. This will balance out the nutrient deficits in the body and also break the monotony.
Fix yourself a vegetarian sandwich made of whole wheat bread.
The best option between meals is a bowl of soup of course without crème.
At work biscuits of whole grain are great which have high fibre.
Another great snack would be just a fist full of nuts. Nuts are very beneficial for health, they are rich in healthy fats, Vitamin E and phytochemicals. Eating a handful more than twice a week can also lower your risk of heart diseases, but just twice a week.
Happy Healthy Snacking!

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