Wednesday, April 16, 2008

High protein diets for weight loss

A high protein diet can aid weight loss although for reasons not previously foreseen by many dieters. It is believed that a high protein diet, low in carbohydrates helps burn more calories when the body converted protein to glucose, a process known as gluconeogenesis. In fact evidence suggests that the amount of extra energy used for this process is insignificant.

Many of us think that the best way to fill our stomachs is with a large amount of carbs. But is this the best way to keep us from snacking throughout the day?
BBC food decided to find out. Research shows that eight out of nine subjects ate less after a protein-rich meal than after a protein-poor one.
To illustrate this they recruited three volunteers used to working long shifts and snacking on the job to see if they could give them a meal that would set them up for the long day ahead. BBC food fed each of the recruits a pasta meal - one high in fat, one high in protein and one high in carbohydrates. Then they detained them at Her Majesty’s pleasure just to make sure they couldn’t give in to temptation.
Four hours later they let them loose and carefully observed as they tucked in to a well earned pizza.
"subjects ate less after a protein-rich meal"
The inmate who ate the smallest amount during lunch was the one who had had the protein-rich meal.
So, if you don’t want your hunger getting you in trouble, try a meal high in protein to keep hunger locked away for longer.

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