Thursday, April 24, 2008

Detoxification is it waste of time?

Detoxifying is the idea of immediately restricting junk intake in order to flush out impurities that are left behind in the body. According to thousands of detox-diet books, these impurities come from our current food supply and suppress the immune system.

Lot of the pills, juices, teas that are sold for their detoxifying effects on the body have no scientific foundation for their claims, according to toxicologists and dieticians.They will not influence the rate at which the body rids itself of toxins, and any beneficial effects would be matched at much lower cost by drinking plenty of water, eating fruit and vegetables and getting a few shut eye.

The entire market for these products, which is worth zillion’s of euros a year, rests on myths about the human body that are hitting consumers in their bank account.

I think our bodies are very good at eliminating all the crap that we might ingest over the festive season. There is a popular notion that we can speed up the elimination process by drinking a few medicated stuff, but this is just nonsense.

Loads of people buy detoxification products looking for a quick heaven send fix just from taking a fancy branded supplement, which will cleanse your body, but there is no evidence to support many of these claims.

If you want to detox properly it involves eating the balanced right Diet to detox your body not simply adding a detox supplements.

There are some easy ways to detox and this involves simply a change to diet and don’t forget your body’s organs like kidney and liver are designed to detox without any help from branded pills or juices!

The body has its own detoxification system already!Most of the pills, juices teas and oils sold as detox aids have no scientific foundation to back up their claims, yet people still buy them looking for a quick fix!

The reality of detoxification is that the body has its own in build detoxifiers namely the liver, kidneys, skin intestines and lungs and they are designed to remove and excrete toxins within hours of consumption. The key is to have fiber.

If you really want to detox? Change your eating habits.The fact is to detoxify your body all you have to do is make simple changes to your diet. Think about it if our bodies can naturally detox and we simply add foods we know are good for us and remove ones we know are bad, the body will take care of the rest.

Logic tells you that if the body has organs to detoxify then how can a pill or juice help?If you are in eating foods which are bad, a branded pill or juice cannot save your liver from alcohol or your lungs from smoke.

Detox naturally, all you need to do is eat a healthy diet and skip the detox products. So, what foods need to be removed? Here is a list of essentials that needs to be given the boot: tea, coffee and anything with caffeine in it ,various sugar products, dairy products cheese eggs and full fat milk, all processed and junk foods, all processed carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta

The wonderful body of ours is a fantastic machine which naturally helps the body take care of itself and if you do fill it with toxins there is no miracle cure to remove them it will be automatically removed by our over worked specialist detox organs !

The best way to feel healthy is by eating raw vegetables, whole fruits and not their juices, yoghurt, wheat bran which has lots of fiberwhich naturally which help you to clean the gut, brown rice, lean chicken and turkey, fish and drink plenty loads of water and you will be getting fantastic foods that put the minimum of strain on your organs like kidney and liver.

The above is totally logical and has common sense.Branded products are of no use and grow on people’s desire for a quick fix. Hence, like all quick fixes if they sound too good to be true and they are.Your body has its own way of regulating toxins and a week of long suffering won’t change that so you are better off sticking to a balanced diet all the time.

In the end all I have to say is detoxification done for getting impurities out of you body is a big fat lie, it is only good when you go the natural food way that too just to get you started on the healthy balanced lifestyle. And wake up people there is no such pill or juice which will help us to lose weight or detoxify our body accept a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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